who we are

...we are the product of a joint venture... an empowering exercise… one amongst multiples and multiples in one… founded in early twenty twenty as a response to the overwhelming restrictions imposed... we walked out our homes, we caught a train or drove a van, a truck, rode a motorcycle or push bikes for intermittent periods... to then walk into the blue mountains… we quickly realised that the only place where we could find sanity was in our actions... fruition, materialization, learning, helping, camping, testing, experimenting, building, sharing… we deny individuality, since it is widely fostered in a time that reeks of collective and disobedience… please do not expect to hear from us pretending we are birds in the virtual forest of chit chat… come walk with us… do not follow us in the media… come walk inline with us… do not like our objects...but, dislike, disagree, confront, question, reevaluate, change, propose, modify, test, feel, witness them… with us… we are not that far away... we are a phone call away from each other…   


born during lock down in twenty - twenty
we live and work in sydney, australia

education and training...
between 2004 and 2018
horticulture and jewelry at vocational schools
studied architecture in latinamerica
masters of architecture in oceania

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