forced perspectives

seeks to portray the first ideas about shelter and the assimilation of site in a piece… it is an exercise where we explored architectural gestures with a simple palette extracted from the colours we found in the land… a flower, foliage, clouds, bark… sintetized, abstracted, disjoint and then remodelled into a flat surface… it was imperative that the background expressed its materiality, wood being inherently expressive was the material of choice…giving us explicit hints that would ripple on the atelier’s name....  and as we thought about the scale, standardization came to our minds, how we are taught to fit in a mould, a size, when evidently we are all different, bigger than the bounding perimetrs we are allowed to inhabit… so we thought of dynamic shapes intending to extend past the boundaries of the flat surface...we knew that this collection would be the impossible gallery opening exhibit… 

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