on central street the piece consist of five different steel installations over the voids left behind as scars on the building... the shadows will cast into the voids and the voids will act as frames for the steel work... depending which direction you come from, central st leads to the biggest cinema and a number of events spaces in the city... maybe once upon a time someone payed respects to the local fauna... maybe once upon a time, through that alley someone came into a building, or day dreams escaped through the windows... today, we find residual spaces... blocked doorways and windows... forgotten spaces, broken rituals...something lingers in our thoughts... wendell berry’s words... “a geography of scars”... corroboree silhouettes overlaid with sydney's lines, assimilation in progress history, the urban and ritual attempting to be in syntony… the entire design created for this work hides and only where voids exist an part of the image will be displayed…

the proposal for barlow street consist of making a simple intervention to the light boxes in the base of the building, adding screens that would display a long video broken by the space that currently separates each of the boxes.... our investigation has found that the geographies of scars are closely related to names... the majority of streets have a name in memory of notable people... landmarks have architects and now developers or brands attached to them... our video displays an oscillating object... an abstraction to the common sticker used by graffiti artists or group dynamics... the iconic, red over white sticker with black lettering... displaying "hello my name is ____" ...we pose a few ideas.... one; to start the conversation and aligned to our studio’s intention of leaving aside protagonist interactions and hierarchies... would we be less harmful in any way if we were to consider us part of a bigger interaction?... would we protect and respect as if everything belonged to us?...  and two, in order to keep the project alive... could this "new screen" become a notice board for the passer by... there's so much we do not need to see in our environment, there is so much we miss from our context... if the piece becomes a platform, it becomes greater than the precedent... can we please let these screens be hackable? could we upload a video and have the city share it without censoring?

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