a gift for daz! we met on that side walk and to commemorate such an event, we invested some time thinking about how the place could look like, the following is an exercise on architectural representation that houses some dream works by the atelier.

the proposal comprises eight elements:

1. façade intervention unifying three very established and very cool projects, airspace gallery, dl_arch and square peg studios... we're proposing to achieve this through a simple gesture painting the whole building and changing the current doorways and window frames, we've selected pink deliberately since we found in-house projects that use it and resonates with our nostalgic rosa mexicano extensively used by barragán.

2. lightning: consolidating the current cable pathways, removal of the existing lights and insertion of new designed for the gallery lighting system that could house linear lights with direct downward and indirect upward function and the ability to insert spotlights on its length.

3. replacement of current handrail and install of new full size element running the length of the staircase

4. replacement of old joinery with a simple streamlined two item kitchen.

5. storage panelling division proposed at two different heights to enable light to go into all the space.

6. garden with endemic plants, sculpture garden, potentially with an embedded concrete plinth to tie sculptures to the ground.

7. shack gives an opportunity to restructure and consolidate a space for a resident artist.

8. outside bench, we propose a marrickville makers collaboration strategy to come up with some materials and labour to build a bench to sit outside at any time of the day and relate with the neighbours.

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